QuickPick Pulled From App Store

You may recall Seth Willits, whose app QuickPick was rejected from the Mac App Store for being “confusingly similar” to 10.7’s Launchpad. Even though QuickPick has been shipping for years before Launchpad and also runs on 10.6.

Seth submitted a formal appeal to Apple’s App Review Board on April 7 2011. After seven weeks Apple denied his appeal. Seth asked for a supervisor, was promised contact info, but never received it.

While QuickPick stayed still available for sale on the Mac App Store, it was stuck on version 2.0.2 — Apple wouldn’t let him update it.

That didn’t stop Seth from continuing to fix bugs and add new features to the direct-sale version of his app, which now stands at 2.0.7.

Unfortunately once Lion was released, it uncovered a bug in QuickPick 2.0.2 on the new OS which prevents screen corner activation from working.

Facing a widening feature gap between his direct-sale version and a bug that Apple won’t allow him to fix, Seth has done the best thing he can do: remove QuickPick from the Mac App Store.

It’s safe to say everyone loses here: Seth, his customers, Apple and Apple’s developers.

appstore macappstore quickpick Aug 15 2011