Apps I Love: LicenseKeeper

I used to keep my serial numbers in a simple text file. But I’d fall behind in keeping it up-to-date, and inevitably have to resort to searching my inbox whenever I’d need a serial number again.

But things got better when I bought Jon Trainer’s LicenseKeeper.

It’s actually fun now to import serial numbers, so I always do it.

It’s fun to drag the app into LicenseKeeper and have it appear in my now well-organized collection.

It’s fun to use the “Attach Email” feature that attaches the registration email to LicenseKeeper’s serial number record and attempts to extract the serial number text embedded within the email.

I like to guess whether or not the extraction feature will work. How is the email formatted? Small software shop (and thus unlikely Jon has encountered their registration email before) or a BigCo? Does the serial number follow common conventions or is it weird somehow?

Most of the time, the extraction feature amazingly works. (When it doesn’t, no biggie — my human eyes have already picked out the magical text I need to copy+paste into LicenseKeeper’s fields.)

There must be boatload of heuristics in LicenseKeeper to pull off extraction.

Jon also does a great job of keeping LicenseKeeper fresh: usually when I launch it, there’s an update available.

appsilove Mar 15 2010