No Other Distribution Authorized Under this Agreement

Apple’s iPhone Developer Program License Agreement:

7.3 No Other Distribution Authorized Under this Agreement
Except for the distribution of freely available Licensed Applications and the distribution of Applications for use on Registered Devices as set forth in Sections 7.1 and 7.2 above, no other distribution of programs or applications developed using the Apple Software is authorized or permitted hereunder. In the absence of a separate agreement with Apple, You agree not to distribute Your Application to third parties via other distribution methods or to enable or permit others to do so.


Apple’s developer tools license mandates use of their distribution channel.

Because, you know, Cydia is such a threat to Apple’s business model.

Imagine if gcc’s license required your resulting executables run solely on Linux.

Imagine if Google required hosting your web apps on solely App Engine if you used Closure.

I hope section 7.3 comes back to bite Apple during their Department of Justice investigation.

appstore monopoly Mar 9 2010