ClickToFlash 1.6b7 solves YouTube’s “Old Flash? Go upgrade!” message

[Hi TUAW readers, as I mentioned in a comment: ClickToFlash version 1.5.4 is about ready to go out, which rolls in 1.6b7’s YouTube fix. It will be available via the normal Sparkle upgrade channel, so it’s cool if you just want to wait for the auto-update.]

If you want a great concrete example of how open source rocks, look no further than ClickToFlash’s "Old Flash? Go upgrade!" message with the new YouTube makeover Lighthouse ticket.

ndfred filed an awesome bug report. I started reversing YouTube’s obfuscated JavaScript, but was beaten to the punch by Justin, ssp and lapcat.

Between getting sick multiple times while traveling to Paris+London+Atlanta, writing slides, presenting at NSConf and blowing out my back, the last six weeks have been hell on my productivity.

It heartens me that even though I stalled out, this loose team of four guys dissected the problem and coded a solution.

I’m honored to bundle up their work and push out this update. I’m really proud of you guys, pushing the project forward even when I can’t.

clicktoflash Mar 6 2010