mogenerator 1.27

What’s New:

  • [NEW] You can now pass .xcdatamodeld paths to mogenerator. mogenerator will look inside the directory, read its hidden .xccurrentversion file and use the “current” .xcdatamodel file. (Alexander Zats)

  • [NEW] Replaced mogenerator’s previous testing system (the test mule) with a new Rakefile-based system that eases building & testing from the current source tree and tests both MRC and ARC. (rentzsch)

  • [NEW] Property declarations generated from attributes can now be qualified as readonly by adding a mogenerator.readonly to an attribute’s userinfo. (crispinb)

  • [NEW] --configuration option that limits generation to the specified configuration. (Sixten Otto)

  • [NEW] --base-class-import option for fine-grained control of base class import statements. (David Aspinall)

  • [CHANGE] Optimized keyPathsForValuesAffectingValueForKey: generated code (returns after first match). (Sean M)

  • [CHANGE] Add default private class extension to human source template. (Jonas Schnelli)

  • [FIX] Align generated code’s pointer asterisks more consistently. (Tony Arnold)

  • [FIX] Missing import when using mogenerator.customBaseClass entity userinfo key. (Thomas Guthrie)

  • [FIX] Handle case in generated fetch request wrapper machine code when predicate variables are repeated. (Sergei Winitzki)

  • [FIX] Explicitly set mogenerator project’s deployment target to 10.6 to avoid segfaulting on 10.8 for some reason. issue 121 (reported by Sixten Otto, diagnosed by Florian B├╝rger)

  • [FIX] Cast to unsigned in machine source to avoid clang format string warning. (rentzsch)

  • [FIX] Don’t attempt to report errors through -[NSApp reportError:] in generated machine source unless targeting AppKit. (rentzsch)

  • [WORKAROUND] Recent versions of Xcode use an empty string to mark entities that do not have a custom subclass. (Matthias Bauch)

  • [CHANGE] make_installer.command: assume PackageMaker now lives in /Applications/Utilities. (rentzsch)

mogenerator Nov 14 2012