Auto-Archive Hazel Rule

Last time I raved about Hazel, I included a custom AppleScript with a custom AppleScript extension that achieved my goal of auto-archiving things on my Desktop and Downloads folder that I haven’t looked at in a week.

Chief Noodler Paul Kim himself tossed me an email alerting me to the fact that Hazel has grown sufficiently powerful that I don’t need to run my custom script+extension any more — Hazel can do all the work itself.

System Preferences

The key is the “Sort file into subfolder” action that accepts a pattern. Amazing. Hazel is a tour-de-force in allowing complex actions without delving into full-blown programming.

To save yourself the chore of recreating the rule, you can download the Hazel rule file here. (4KB)

To use it, just drag the file into your folder’s Rules list:


…or use the “Import Rules…” contextual menu. Don’t try double-clicking on it — 2.3.5 has a regression where the importing fails (which should be fixed in the next version).

Update: As promised, the 2.3.5 regression mentioned above has been fixed in 2.3.6 — you should be fine just double-clicking the rules file now.

Dec 16 2009