mogenerator 1.24

What’s New:

  • [FIX] Was incorrectly using -mutableSetValueForKey: for ordered relationships instead of -mutableOrderedSetValueForKey:. bug 75 (Martin Schürrer)

  • [NEW] Now generates Mike Ash-style constant structures for attributes, relationships and fetched properties. This allows you to write code like [obj valueForKey:PersonMOAttributes.age]. Tip: you’ll need to enable ARC generation (--template-var arc=true) if you’re using ARC. (Daniel Tull)

  • [NEW] --base-class-force option, for specifying a base class even if the model file’s entities don’t specify one. (Joe Carroll)

  • [NEW] PONSO: NSSet-based templates, improved inverse relationship logic and plug memory leak. (Tyrone Trevorrow)

  • [FIX] PONSO: Added import for super entity in machine headers. (Tyrone Trevorrow)

  • [FIX] Migrate from deprecated -[NSString initWithContentsOfFile:] and fix a MiscMerge warning where an immutable object was assigned to a mutable ivar. (Joshua Smith)

mogenerator Dec 8 2011